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Fluffy chickens are only the beginning! 


Dearest Tumblr users,

We have helped people get fluffy chickens, participated in mass support posts against SOPA AND CISPA, and many more accomplishments due to our ability to unite.

As a friendly member of this wide community, I would like to ask a favour of you:

There is a poll up today in my local paper that asks: Should the Portland teachers union make some contract concessions in order to avoid staff cuts?

The answer to this should be NO.

This poll is asking if the contract that all Portland (Maine) teachers signed nearly three years ago should be considered null and void. Within that contract is a guarantee of a raise that teachers have not been given, and were promised to receive three years after signing. This promise is threatened in order to prevent staff cuts that are already occurring. 

Such cuts could have possibly been prevented had the superintendent (who happens to have an annual salary of  $137,500) not hired extra people into Central Office, more than there were before he fired all previous employees, by default spreading the city’s school budget thinner. 

This is especially relevant to me because my mother is a teacher and has been an employee of the Portland School District for the past 30 years. She hasn’t gotten any form of raise in the past three years, and the yearly budget given to the teachers to pay for basic classroom materials is continuously shrinking, forcing her to pay out of pocket. 

No PERSON should be denied a raise promised in their contract.

If you would like to help Portland teachers get their promised raise, please click HERE to vote NO on the poll.

Thank you for your time x

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“Yeah…I can smell it.  I can almost taste it, the rankness in the air.  It’s everywhere!  Running through that old pipeline out there.  Trickling along the dumb concrete river and coming up through the drains of those lovely tract homes we all live in!”

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Christian Slater in Heathers
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